Check out the videos below for selection, handling, storage and prep tips!

Endless Options

Strawberry Daiquiri

Very Berry Tart






Grow and Tell

Get to know who’s growing your California Giant berries as they tell their stories in the videos below.

Blueberry Fields

A Day in the Life of
a California Giant Strawberry

Parker Jones

Pat Riordan

Gary Teixeira

Steve Yamamoto

Bill Moncovich receives
chamber award

Jr. Chefs

Check out the videos below for California Giant Jr. Chefs!

Oatmeal Banana Pancakes
with Warm Berry Sauce

Mixed Berry Creamsicles

Berry Kebabs

Sweet Berry Pizza

Mixed Berry Smoothie

Savory Strawberry Pizza


Check out the videos below for California Giant stories, commercials, and more!

The California Giant
Berry Farms Story

Tour de Fresh 2014
Official Video

Cal Giant Supports
the Winter Olympics

Warriors/Kids Club

Mav’Rick’s Birthday

Cal Giant Supports
the 2012 Olympics

Taste of Spring

Amgen Tour TV Spot

Strawberry Photo Contest
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