Name: Sam Bassetti

Nickname: Bassetti

Hometown: San Geronimo, CA

Number of years on Cal Giant: First year

Number of years racing: 3

Favorite thing about Specialized:

The BG Fit and the shoes

Favorite way to eat Cal Giant berries:

On waffles

Top 3 Race Results:

1st place Cherry Pie

2nd Snelling RR

5th overall SDSR

When did you start shaving your legs? Shaving cream or soap?

I began shaving during my Senior year of high school. I always use soap.

Who does the cooking, you or your mom?

My mom, who is a fantastic cook

What kind of race is your specialty?

Hard crits and somewhat selective road races

Do you race mountain bikes or cyclocross?

I got into cycling through the NorCal High School Cycling League (competitive mountain bike league).

What are your short-term and long-term cycling goals?

Short-term: be in the mix at some bigger domestic races

Long-term: make a living racing

Describe in one word Rand’s blog.


Can you ride a wheelie or do a tabletop?

Absolutely not