Name: Evan Huffman

Nickname: Wolfman

Hometown: Elk Grove, CA

Twitter: @evanhuffman

Number of years on Cal Giant: 2

Number of years racing: 5

Favorite thing about Specialized: Definitely the BG Fit and the smaller accessories that use the BG fit technology (shoes, insoles, saddles, etc.)

Top 3 Race Results:

  • 1st 2008 Junior National Championships Road Race
  • 1st 2012 Merco Cycling Classic Stage 2 Time Trial
  • 3rd 2011 U23 National Championships Road Race

Favorite way to eat Cal Giant berries:


Who does the cooking, you or your mom?

My mom usually cooks, but I help sometimes when I have the time and motivation.  I’m not a great cook, but do enjoy cooking and trying new things in the kitchen.

What kind of race is your specialty?

I really like stage races. I’m a good time-trialist, climber and can be really consistent over many days of racing.

Do you listen to the same kind of music when warming-up for a TT vs a crit vs a road race? What kind is it?

I listen to hardcore rock all day all night all day.

What are your short-term and long-term cycling goals?

Short-term: improve my time-trialing, become a better team leader, maintain a certain level of fitness throughout the whole season and be competitive in every race I start

Long-term: turn cycling into a career and just see what I’m really capable of doing at the professional level

Name one item that goes with you whenever you travel that is not your bike.

I always bring my music (iPod).

Pet peeves:

Bad spelling and grammar, especially when people mix up you’re and your

If you could only eat 5 foods for a month, what would they be?

Mangos, cashews, milk, yams, and quinoa