LET’S BLOG! A Sweepstakes Exclusively for Bloggers

Well before the age of the internet (can anyone remember such a time?), people have been documenting their thoughts and experiences. While many still keep a pen-and-paper journal, it’s no surprise that the art of documentation (yes, art!) has made its way online as BLOGS. Whatever it is you blog about—sports, food, family, etc.—we appreciate the passion that bloggers share via the written word and want to read yours!

That’s why we’re giving away an all-expense paid trip to a popular blogging conference in 2014 where one lucky winner (who must have a current blog) will be immersed in two to three full days of all things BLOG!  The location/dates of the 2014 event are still being determined, but we will email all entrants as soon as a conference has been selected!  In addition, the winning blogger will be named as an official Brand Ambassador for California Giant Berry Farms and will be featured throughout our own blog, website and social platforms! Enter for your chance to win this terrific prize package here.

You don’t have to wait to 2014 to mingle with your fellow bloggers.  Join the #FreshBloggers Facebook group where we’ll be showcasing some of our very own #freshbloggers, delivering details about the Blogging Conference giveaway, and dishing about topics that we ALL love – food and FRESH ingredients!

We look forward to connecting with you in the #FreshBloggers group and wish you the best of luck in the sweepstakes.  And, to all of our fellow bloggers out there – blog on!